Dog Trotter USA Next Generation Classic Pro Trotter - Medium
Dog Trotter USA Next Generation Classic Pro Trotter - Medium
Dog Trotter USA Next Generation Classic Pro Trotter - Max -
Dog Trotter USA Next Generation Classic Pro Trotter - Large
Dog Trotter USA Next Generation Classic Pro Trotter -
Dog Trotter USA Next Generation Classic Pro Trotter -

Dog Trotter USA Next Generation Classic Pro Trotter

Brand : Dog Trotter USA
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*These products are custom made to each order & take 4-5 weeks for assembly

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The 2022 "Next Gen Classic Pro"  is our mid-entry Trotter and is suitable for hardcore K9 workouts. It has the basic features needed by trainers and sporting dog enthusiasts to condition working K9's and is built to handle constant daily use by multiple dogs.  The Classic Pro comes standard with an all-new 2022 Resistance Braking System "R.B.S."

A built-in track lock to totally immobilize the track for obedience training or bite work.  A 12  function digital speedometer, removable slant backsides and risers, and 6" Dolly wheels.

All of these features are very useful to help bring your dog to it's peak performance and keep track of how your k9 athlete is progressing. 

The all-new "Next Gen Trotters" have been totally redesigned for 2022 and beyond.

They are more reliable and user friendly than ever before.

*These products are custom made to each order and take 4-5 weeks for assembly


Standard Features on the Next Gen "Classic Pro Trotter"

  • Smooth quiet operation with many user-friendly features for a safe, pleasant, and worry-free experience for you and your dog.
  • All-new for 2022 Resistance Braking System (R.B.S.)  is safe, reliable, and user-friendly. It is used to add resistance to the workout and to aid in a safe dismount from the Trotter.
  • The built-in Track lock is standard on all Pro models and allows for complete track immobilization.  The  Resistance Braking System is not designed to immobilize the track.
  • 12 Function digital speedometer.
  •  Anodized Aluminum Chassis is strong yet lightweight and anti-corrosive.
  • Adjustable Free spinning Composite track is easily adjusted with the all-new Dog Trotter bearing and axle blocks.
  • 10" Roller disc for a smooth free turning track.
  • Removable solid sides and risers make it easier to transport your Trotter.
  • 6" Dolly Wheels allow the Trotter to easily be moved from place to place by one person.
  • Sealed ABEC 9 precision track roller bearings provide years of low maintenance and hi-performance.
  • Fully adjustable tethering system positions your dog just right for a perfectly safe workout.
  • The track rails have been lengthened to allow for 20% more adjust-ability over previous models.
  • The top speed  is around 10 miles per hour or whatever speed your dog runs at
  • Slant backsides and risers with Plexiglas sidewalls make it easy to watch your dog while they are working. (Add your Logo for an additional fee).
  • 1-year warranty on all parts and labor.
  • Comes Fully Assembled (Except for sides and risers). Can be assembled in less than 10 minutes.

    Available Options:  ( please contact us:

    • The Pacemaker Package is $1750.00 (installation included if purchased before the Trotter is shipped).
    • Custom Logos $75.00 (Have your basic logo etched into the sides of your Trotter). Must provide quality graphics or we can work them up for you for an additional fee.
    • Custom powder coating. $450.00  (Choose any color with this option to add beautiful extra long-lasting protection to your Trotter).
    • Upright storage kit. $175.00  (Store your Trotter in 24" x 24" of floor space). Includes side and riser storage.
    • Clear Sides are available for $99.00

    The Peacemaker:

    Dog Trotter USA Next Generation Classic Pro Trotter



    • 49"axle to axle. (Safe running Zone.)
    • 65" overall length.
    • 12" or 14" wide  Running surface.
    • Good for dogs up to 70 lbs or any dog that will fit safely between the front and rear axles


    • 61" axle to axle (Safe running zone).
    • 77" overall length.
    • 14" wide running surface.
    • Good for dogs up to 95 lbs or any dog that will fit safely between the front and rear axles


    • 67"axle to axle. (Safe running Zone.)
    • 83" overall length.
    • 16" wide composite running surface.
    • Good for dogs up to 170 lbs or any dog that will fit safely between the front and rear axles

    Sizing Guidelines:

    The charts below are for reference only and may or may not work for our dog. Please use all of the information below to help with your decision. 

    Please read these sizing tips to help determine the proper size "Dog Trotter" for your dog.

    As a general rule, your dog’s weight can be used to determine the best dog treadmill size to buy.  Generally, dogs within the weight parameters outlined will fit on the recommended treadmill, but not always. Some dogs may have longer legs and weigh less, or some dogs may be heavier with shorter legs than the recommended guidelines.

    It is important to understand that weight guidelines alone do not always make for a full-proof fit. For this reason, we encourage owners to take a second measurement. It is called a Gait Measurement and is most accurate in determining the best treadmill for your dog.

    Measure Your Dog Fully Extended. To do this, get your dog in a down position on its side and extend the legs, both front, and back so they both appear to be reaching. The legs don’t need to be straight out – just comfortably extended.

    Provide Wiggle Room. Add another 5-10 inches to your dog’s extended measurement. Consider that your dog may drift forward or back and allow for more room to ensure your dog will stride and change gaits at a comfortable speed.

    Review the Specifications for each Dog Trotter on the treadmill pages. Compare your measurements with the individual model specs to determine the best fit.

    Multi-pet Family. If you own dogs of many sizes, measure the biggest dog and buy for this size. The smaller dogs can also learn to run on the larger track.


    (Medium) Running Deck 49" x 12"

    • Airedale Terrier
    • Pit Bull Terrier
    • Australian Shepherd
    • Basset Hound
    • Boxer
    • Brittany Spaniel
    • Chinese Shar-Pe)
    • Collie
    • Cocker Spaniel
    • English Bulldog
    • English Springer Spaniel
    • French Bulldog
    • German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Golden Retriever
    • Retriever
    • Labrador Retriever

    (Large) Running Deck 61" x 14"

    • Akita
    • Alaskan Malamute
    • Bloodhound
    • Chesapeake Bay Retriever
    • Doberman Pinscher
    • German Shepherd
    • Golden Retriever
    • Great Pyrenees
    • Newfoundland
    • Rottweiler
    • Weimaraner

      * Choose the style and function that best suits you and your pet's needs and you know them best 


      Important Shipping Notes:

      *Shipping cost may fluctuate

      iFrenchy's Free Shipping does not apply to this item

      Each Treadmill is custom made for your order

      The Dog Trotter is shipped mostly assembled and requires minimal assembly. (Sides and Risers). Take about 10 minutes

      This product ships DIRECTLY from the MANUFACTURER. This item ships via LTL truck freight service only.

      *These products are custom made to each order and take 4-5 weeks for assembly

      No Discounts can be used on treadmills

      Dog Trotter USA Treadmill orders can be cancelled up to 24 hours with no charge, after 24 hours of ordering, a cancellation fee of $400 (No Exceptions) will be imposed. If your product ships it is impossible to cancel and is completely nonrefundable.

      All custom-made treadmills (custom color, custom logo) are non refundable after 24 hours of purchase, no exceptions.

      (Please make sure you are happy with your decision before purchase)

      (iFrenchy LLC is not responsible for low resolution logos or mismatched color)



      Ask a Question
      • How Much Time Will It Take To Train My Dog? Why Should I Buy A Dog Treadmill? How Much Assembly Is Required With The Dog Trotter?

        How Much Time Will It Take To Train My Dog?

        Answer:  It really depends on you and your dog. Every dog is different.  However, we have found that if an honest effort is made and the training is consistent most dogs are easily walking on the Dog Trotter within the first week.

        Why Should I Buy A Dog Treadmill?


        For years show dog owners, breeders, handlers, dog trainers, and veterinarians have used and understood the physical and mental benefits that can be achieved with dog treadmills
        The "Dog Trotter" (Dog Treadmill) is great for increasing cardiovascular health, focusing energy, building muscles, behavior modification, obedience training, and improving overall mental and physical vitality. The dog treadmill provides versatility, control, and mental stimulation that is not always achieved with a leisurely jaunt around the neighborhood, or a game of fetch. It takes mental concentration (focus) to run on a slat mill.  You will see a noticeable difference in his/her energy after a treadmill workout. That is why so many dog professionals use it in their training/rehab tool kit.  Some dogs with medical conditions or illnesses may not/should not use the treadmill. It is always wise to consult with your veterinarian before beginning any exercise program.

        The Team of iFrenchy

      Customer Reviews

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      High quality treadmill

      I was very happily surprised at the quality of this treadmill. It looks like it is built to take a beating and last a very long time. My dogs love it

      Dog Trotter USA Next G...


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