Kennel and Crate Buying Guide



There’s a lot of kennels and crates out there. We at iFrenchy thought we’d help narrow your search with some tips from the pro’s. The manufacturers we hand selected to partner with on our website! Dakota 283, and Zinger. Please feel free to read what they say below. We hope this helps you make an informed decision for your furry friend.



How to measure Dog Kennel, Crates and Dog House size: 

  • While your dog is sitting, measure from the floor to the top of their head or ears. Add two to four inches to this measurement for the minimum height of the crate. Your dog's crate must be tall enough for them to comfortably stand and sit 




Airline Approved Dog Crates / Kennels: 

  • We recommend that when measuring your pet and choosing the appropriate size, consider adding a "Comfort" buffer between the dog's actual height and the height of your chosen crate. 


  • Before purchasing this product and prior to each flight, it is essential to check with your individual air carrier to ensure that the kennel you choose meets their current listed requirements as airlines are continually changing specifications on what is acceptable from a pet travel containment system. Many airlines will not accept your pet for travel if the crate does not meet specifications.