6 Benefits Of Using Dog Body Harness For Your Dog

6 Benefits Of Using Dog Body Harness For Your Dog

A dog body harness delivers pressure equally throughout the pet’s torso. It’s a different approach compared to classic collars and some other harness types. These products are popular among dog owners, but are they the right choice for your pup?

Before you decide on an accessory to buy, read about the body harness’ benefits in this article. Check out why harnesses are good for dogs and worth considering!

1. Protects the Pet’s Neck

6 Benefits Of Using Dog Body Harness For Your Dog

Each pup owner considers their dog’s health as a primary priority. From top-quality food to premium accessories, your pooch deserves the best. The crucial benefit of a dog body harness is that it protects the pet’s neck from pain and injuries.

Check out what happens when using a collar:

  1. You mount a collar on the dog’s neck and place a leash on it.
  2. During the walk, your pup tries to run.
  3. You pull the leash, and that puts huge pressure on the animal’s neck.

The neck pressure can lead to consequences. Even if it’s a mild discomfort at the start, neck health can deteriorate over time. In extreme cases, it can lead to deformity and other problems. And if even a single strong pull can cause problems. It could lead to severe pain or a neck injury, especially with smaller pups.

How a Body Harness Works

This product uses a different approach to collars. Thanks to that, it avoids focusing the pressure on the neck. Instead, it distributes it to the entire torso to avoid potential issues.

Check out the working process of a body harness:

  • Follow the instructions to mount it

You’ll position it on the pup’s chest, limbs, and shoulders. The harnesses usually use straps or similar mechanisms. That ensures they stay in place while the dog moves.

  • Connect the leash and head for a walk

Before heading outside, place the leash on the harness. While walking, your dog might try to head in an undesired direction. Pull the leash and activate the harness to send a message the pup is misbehaving.

  • The harness keeps the pup’s neck safe

The pup receives a message via the harness. The pressure they feel goes evenly through the torso. Thanks to that, the neck stays safe, and there’s no danger of injury.

2. It’s Not the Only Health Benefit

6 Benefits Of Using Dog Body Harness For Your Dog

Finding a perfect fit dog harness has other health benefits, too. Apart from protecting the neck, it minimizes the risk of tracheal collapse. Small pups are particularly vulnerable to this problem, which often becomes chronic. The condition weakens the windpipe over time and makes breathing difficult. A collar squeezes the pipe each time you pull the leash. Therefore, it can worsen this condition and increase the risk of injuring the trachea.

Some breeds might have a problem with ocular proptosis. It’s a scientific name for a condition where eyeballs seem like bulging out of sockets. 

Here are the breeds particularly vulnerable to this problem:

  • Shih Tzu
  • Pekingese
  • Pugs
  • Lhasa Apso

These have shallow orbits and cause vulnerability. You’ll easily recognize the problem by looking at the animal. It could be late at that point. Apart from head trauma, neck pressure can cause ocular proptosis. A body harness minimizes neck strain, which reduces the risk of your pup developing this condition.

3. Improved Control

6 Benefits Of Using Dog Body Harness For Your Dog

Your pup doesn’t hide excitement when going on a walk. They love exploring the environment. But until you reach the park, you’ll want them to behave. It’s not easy to manage and deal with large pups. That’s why a big dog harness can assist in controlling them while outside.

Owners will love the improved control provided by the harness. The moment you notice an excited pooch going away from you, pulling the leash will send your message. It will discourage the pup from misbehaving while not causing any neck strain. It’s the right accessory you need when walking the dog.

4. Enhanced Safety for the Pooch

6 Benefits Of Using Dog Body Harness For Your Dog

Maintaining control over your dog’s movement is imperative. It’s not only about not letting them dictate the pace and direction. Ensuring they stay on the sidewalk or close to you is crucial for their safety.

Imagine these situations:

  • Your pup runs and ends up in a bush full of thorns.
  • The pooch notices a bird and chases it down the street where cars go 50 miles per hour. 
  • Small breeds might find even an encounter with a cat troublesome.

As the owner, your goal is to protect them and avoid dangerous situations. An extra small dog harness for tiny breeds helps to maintain the pet’s safety. If you notice a stimulus attracts them, it’s easy to put the situation under control.

5. Hard to Remove It

6 Benefits Of Using Dog Body Harness For Your Dog

Some dogs are true escape artists. If they find the collar uncomfortable, they’ll do anything to remove it. Animals can be persistent even if it takes time. If they notice even the smallest gap, they’ll use it. Not to mention some collars aren’t even that durable.

A dog body harness is a bigger challenge for removing. The secure-fitting at the chest, legs, and shoulders zone makes it difficult to escape. It’s another way how harness contributes to the pet’s overall safety.

The experts advise choosing a noticeable color for the harness. If it happens to fall from your pet, it’ll be easier to notice. For example, white or any bright color is suitable for a black dog harness. You can use darker shades on white pooches.

6. Discourages Pulling

6 Benefits Of Using Dog Body Harness For Your Dog

Harnesses are smart accessories. Although they don’t use advanced technology, their unique working process discourages pulling. A pup will figure out pulling a leash with a collar helps them reach the desired destination. The owners will need to invest much effort to contain them when they start pulling.

A harness works differently:

  • Your pup starts pulling

The moment the animal starts pulling, the harness activates. Its working process turns the pet in the opposite direction. The dog might try once or twice again.

  • The dog realizes there’s no point in pulling

It shouldn’t take long for the pup to understand that pulling doesn’t help. Once they get the message, they start pulling. It takes a bit to lose the habit, but be patient.

  • You enjoy peaceful walks

The ultimate benefit is that your pet starts pulling altogether. They’ll act far more peacefully during walks over time. However, please note you should find environments where they could enjoy the freedom of movement regularly.

Final Thoughts

A dog body harness is an ideal accessory for dog walks. It’s safe and protective of their neck and overall health. It discourages pulling and puts you in control.

While choosing the favorite unit, consider both aesthetics and functionality. You should like the product your pup is wearing. Apart from that, it should be easy to control your dog when outside. If you pick a suitable harness, you’ll love walking with your dog. On top of that, you’ll ensure the animal is always safe!

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