Dog Kennels and Crates Explained: What You Need to Know

Dog Kennels and Crates Explained: What You Need to Know

Although some dogs are perfectly fine being let loose, there are instances when you are going to need them contained. When you are taking your dog on a trip that requires air travel, when they are too aggressive in the care, when your dog is exhibiting anxiety-related behavior, or when you just want them to have a safe place they can call home–  a dog crate or dog kennel is the answer. 

If you are unsure of what type of dog crate or kennel you need, you are in the right place. Let’s take a look at each option and find out which of them is best for you and your dog’s needs. 

Airline Approved Dog Crates

Airline-Approved Dog Crates are built specifically to accommodate the strict airline industry rules. The specs are based on the guidelines of the International Air Transport Association or IATA. If you are traveling via air, whether it is domestic or international, you will need an airline-approved crate with the right features, the right size, and the right amount of holes for ventilation. This will keep your dog safe and secure during long flights. 

Escape Artist Dog Kennels

Dogs that love to break loose and exhibit behavior like excessive biting, chewing, and overall aggressiveness require durable kennels that guarantee that they cannot break loose no matter how hard they try. They are made with military-grade materials or their equivalent and reinforced with an extra layer of steel. Despite being durable, they are still comfy and lightweight for travel. 

Indoor Dog Kennels

Indoor dog kennels are not as durable as escape artist kennels. However, they are made with softer materials that would fit the aesthetic and requirements of dogs who stay indoors. However, if a dog is really aggressive, there are professional options made with steel that will be enough to keep your dog from breaking and chewing through the materials. 

Travel Kennels

Some dogs can be too hyperactive to just throw in the backseat of your car. If that is the case, you will need a lightweight and secure dog kennel for travel. These kennels are usually lighter than indoor and outdoor kennels, but they are more compact and easy to bring when driving or going on short bus or train rides. 



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