Difference Between Training Collars and Tracking Collars

Difference Between Training Collars and Tracking Collars

A pet owner often picks a color based only on how it looks. But it’s primary function should be the deciding feature. This article will discuss the difference between training and tracking units.

You’ll discover main types of training and tracking collars. Learning more about their advantages ensures to make the right choice on a suitable accessory for your pet. Keep reading to find out more about these products!

What Is a Training Collar?

Difference Between Training Collars and Tracking Collars

A training collar is an accessory with multiple potential benefits. You use it during practice sessions with your dog, and it can assist in achieving different goals.

The crucial one is minimizing disobedience. You do this by teaching the various pup commands. The collar only provides assistance, which means working with your dog is still imperative.

Main Training Collar Types

Difference Between Training Collars and Tracking Collars

The market offers various types of dog training accessories. These are the primary collar categories available. You can pick them based on the desired objectives.

Nylon Collars

These are budget-friendly collars widely available in the market. You’ll often see dogs wearing them. The owners love them for affordability and design variety. A nylon unit goes on the pup’s neck and uses a hook or a buckle to stay in position. The experts recommend these units only when you teach your dog to be moderately obedient.


A harness is a special category of collars that distributes the pressure on the neck and torso. It’s suitable for pups who have long necks prone to injuries. You can also use them for those who have spinal or other issues.

It’s possible to pull a harness once you need the pup’s attention. That’s convenient since it assists in achieving the desired obedience when necessary.

Halti Collars

These units remind some people of a horse saddle. You place them on the animal’s mouth, which ensures you put their barking under control. Although they are painless, they aren’t particularly comfortable for a dog. It’ll also take an exercised owner to use this tool properly.

What Are Tracking Collars?

Difference Between Training Collars and Tracking Collars

Do you enjoy hiking with your dog? You might be out of town, so you let them off the leash. However, nature attracted them, and they got lost. Even if the pooch gets out of sight, don’t worry if you have a tracking collar. These products utilize GPS technology to track your pet. The range can go up to nine miles, and they are very reliable.

While choosing the right collar, it’s vital to stick to reliable brands. If you discover a collar for sale, take advantage of the chance to get it at a budget-friendly price. It’ll ensure an excellent deal for a top-quality product.

Check out the main features that these products might offer

  • Offline map mode supported – all it takes is downloading the map. There’s no requirement for activating cellular data. It’s possible to use the product offline.
  • Excellent accuracy – not only it works at up to nine miles, but it maintains impressive accuracy. The units come with two-second updates for real-time tracking.
  • Fast charges – it only takes 3.4 hours to charge the device completely. 
  • Belt clip and secure contact – owners use a belt clip to attach the collar to the dog. The secure contact ensures that the pet can’t get rid of the device easily. 
  • Suitable for multiple dogs – these devices are adequate for up to 21 dogs. 
  • Geofence features – these allow setting up secure zones for your dog. It could be a backyard or apartment. As soon as they leave, the product alerts you.

You can pick between a variety of designs and colors. Apart from being pet-friendly, these products also serve to assist hunters. They can use it for communication while outdoors.

Advantages of Using a Tracking Collar

Difference Between Training Collars and Tracking Collars

Tracking collars are a step forward compared to classic e-units. Check out the array of advantages consumers can expect.

Never Let the Pet Get Lost

The GPS maps are accurate, and the refreshment rate is two seconds with tracking collars. That ensures real-time monitoring within nine miles. If you take your pet hunting, it ensures you can find them easily. The biggest benefit is that it’s virtually impossible to lose your dog. This device can track them for miles, so you can always identify their location.

Geo-Fence for Maximum Safety

Difference Between Training Collars and Tracking Collars

Geo-fence is a convenient function suitable for large yards and outdoor surfaces. Your home might have a large backyard that stretches for miles. The pooch loves running around, and you can’t keep them in sight always. 

However, the geofence allows you to mark the yard on the map. The moment the pet leaves it, it sends a notification. It ensures they never get too far without your immediate knowledge.

Impressive Waterproof Rating

Most dogs love water. So, what’s to stop them from jumping in with a collar? The answer is nothing, but with an adequate tracking collar, there should be no concern. The waterproof ratings will ensure the devices work once your pet jumps in the water.

Easy to Attach and Painless

Difference Between Training Collars and Tracking Collars

It only takes seconds to attach the product, which is perfectly comfortable for the pet. You don’t need to use electronic stimulation to shock your dog to refrain them from going out of your sight. It’s easy to track their location within miles.

Final Thoughts – Which Is Better?

Dog collars have been around for decades, and it’s a reliable training tool asset. However, tracking collars took the product’s versatility to the next level. The option to use GPS technology and track your dog in large outdoor spaces is very convenient. 

These products ensure you always know the pooch’s whereabouts. The collar is suitable for owners who want peace of mind, but also those that take dogs hunting, and professional trainers. The versatility and durability make tracking collars a wise long-term investment!

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