3 Ways to Make A Unique Dog Collar and Leashes for Your Pet

3 Ways to Make A Unique Dog Collar and Leashes for Your Pet

Did you go through thousands of items in online stores but can’t find the perfect collar for your pooch? How about making unique dog collars and leashes for your pup?

Why would you make a collar and leash yourself?

Here is a quick look at the benefits:

  • It’s simple
  • It doesn’t take much time
  • You’ll love making something for your dog
  • Your pooch will have different accessories than other pups

If that sounds good, keep reading because we prepared a detailed guide for making these pieces!

1. A Dog Collar You Can Adjust

3 Ways to Make A Unique Dog Collar and Leashes for Your Pet

Your pup might grow quickly. Their current collar might become too tight in a month. It’s a hassle to make or purchase units every month. The solution is to design an accessory with an adjustable size. That way, small units can quickly turn into large dog collars. It’s convenient and saves the owner some money.

Check out these step-by-step instructions to creating an adjustable collar.

  • Step 1 – Prepare the required items.

 The supplies include nylon or similar webbing, a D-ring, a plastic snap and a sliding lock, and a pair of scissors. The experts recommend checking your pooch’s neck to identify the starting size.

  • Step 2 – Cut the webbing. 

A large dog collar requires at least 32 inches. For medium dogs, go for at least 26 inches, and small pooches usually require up to 20. 

  • Step 3 – Setting the slide lock. 

Grab the webbing and put it through the lock. Make sure to leave about two inches for sewing together across the material. It’s wise to use a sewing machine. Begin by sewing two seams – down and up – and then triple stitch them.

  • Step 4 – Placing the Snap. 

Put the collar through the snap. Always double-check if the snap’s curve is downward. Push the material through the D-ring and then the opposite snap sides. Make sure to leave three inches for sewing the snap. 

  • Step 5 –It’s time to sew the snap.

 You want to unhook the snap and create a sew right close to it. Now, create two more seams with the snap turned to the left side. 

Don’t hesitate to choose the webbing as you see fit. Feel free to consider any material you like, as long as it’s possible to sew seams on it. 

2. Dog Collar That Doubles as a Tie

3 Ways to Make A Unique Dog Collar and Leashes for Your Pet

Would you like your pup to look elegant when taken out for a walk? If yes, go for a bow tie instead of a classic collar. 

Here is a short instruction on how to make these luxury dog collars:

  • Step 1 – Prepare the materials required. 

You’ll need an original dog collar to get the snap, ring, and other details. Make sure the collar fits your pooch. Next, demount the initial strap and keep everything but the strap itself. Now, which material you plan to use for the tie? It’s possible to go for your vintage tie to save some money.

  • Step 2 – Cutting the tie. 

Determine how long and wide the original strap is. Cut the new material to those measures, but use double width. Make sure to flatten out the material if necessary.

  • Step 3 – Making the tie

Use adhesive hem tape at the strip’s center. Fold both sides and press to connect them together. It’s possible to flatten the material with an iron. Now, use the original snap and D-ring to connect them to the tie. 

  • Step 4 – Last touches

The collar is now ready, but let’s add a bow tie. From the remaining material, cut a 4x5-inch piece. Fold upper and bottom edges and sew them on the sides. Now, cut another small material piece from the original. Sew it together at the top to make a knot. Place this knot over the last part to finish creating a bow.

3. A Paracord Collar

3 Ways to Make A Unique Dog Collar and Leashes for Your Pet

Did you notice a paracord collar on another dog and liked it? These accessories can look excellent. And all you need for the project is the following:

  • D-ring and buckles (plastic or metal)
  • Paracord – two colors of your choice – at least 20 inches each
  • Scissors and lighter

These are fancy dog collars that give an extensive freedom when it comes to choosing the design. Feel free to go with a color selection that suits your pooch.

Here are the instructions for making the accessory:

  • Step 1 – Joining the paracords. 

Grab the first paracord and create an angled trim at its end. Now, do the same with the second unit and take your lighter. By melting the ends, you can connect them while they are hot. Please be careful since the lighter emits fire.

  • Step 2 – Mounting the buckle.

 Your next move is folding the cord at the half. You want to place the loop inside your buckle – its female section. Make a simple hitch knot, and then put the line through the created loop.

  • Step 3 – Mounting D-ring. 

It’s now time to put the opposite sides into another buckle. Pull it through and pick the desired length. Create loops through the clip to improve security and mount the D-ring. 

  • Step 4 – The cobra weave.

 Here is the tricky part – you want to create a cobra weave. Start by moving the blue loose end at the top of the core, and then push it below the red part. Take that red end and place it through the gap you made with the blue unit. Your next task is to do that with the opposite end. Tighten the cords and do everything once again. You’ll notice the accessory getting the desired form. Make sure to run the remaining ends through the buckle slot to improve the connection.

How to Make a Dog Leash at Home

3 Ways to Make A Unique Dog Collar and Leashes for Your Pet

It’s time to move to the second part of making unique dog collars and leashes. Before proceeding with making the leash, it’s vital to pick the suitable material.

Here are the factors to consider:

  • Thickness

This ties directly to strength, which makes it important. If you use a thin material, a large dog will break the leash easily. That’s why the thickness should be proportionate to the pooch’s size.

  • Material

The actual material should be durable. If your pup likes to chew, make sure to get a chew-proof option.

  • Length

The experts recommend at least six feet. However, you could use shorter units in training sessions. Alternatively, prolong the leash if you trust your pooch when heading for a walk.

  • Clasp

It’s crucial to pick a durable one for safety. The experts recommend metal. Make sure to check the locking mechanism works properly. 

Now, here are the basics of making these accessories. 

Classic Fabric Leash

You can use any fabric remaining from other projects to make a leash. 

Check out the tools and materials required:

  • Sewing machine with a suitable needle
  • Scissors
  • Fusible interfacing (less than a yard)
  • The fabric scrap of optimal length and width
  • A lobster claw clasp

You want to sew the fabric around interfacing before connecting it to the clasp. That should result in a leash that’s pleasant for your dog and flexible.

Rope Leash

This leash has a vintage appearance. It’s also easy to make because you don’t need a sewing machine. 

Make sure to secure these materials:

  • Cotton rope of optimal thickness for the dog
  • Leather scraps
  • Swivel bolt snap latch

Here is what to do:

  • Braid the rope tightly
  • Connect it to the latch used for the collar
  • Wrap the leather around the end to avoid fraying

If you don’t like rope, you can use paracord or any other material you find suitable. 

Final Thoughts

You’ll love making unique dog collars and leashes. It’s a small investment and a fun way to spend time. Once you finish the accessory, you’ll be proud you made it for the pooch. Feel free to try different collar and leash types. You can combine to ensure your dog has suitable accessories for every occasion!

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